Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar College of Arts, Commerce & Science, Bramhapuri

Students Satisfaction Survey  : 2019 -20

Feedback Analysis Report

A= Excellent, B= Very Good, C= Good, D= Satisfactory, E= Not-Satisfactory



SN Indicators A B C D E Total
1 The Course was well organized (e.g. teaching hours, content flow, access to materials, notification of changes, etc.) 42% 26% 24% 8% 0% 100%
2 Learning materials (lesson plans, course notes, reading materials etc.) were relevant and useful. 27% 52% 19% 2% 0% 100%
3 The overall environment in the class was conducive to learning. 18% 40% 39% 3% 0% 100%
4 Course was well structured to achieve the learning outcomes (good balance of lectures, learning resources, tutorials, practical etc.) 36% 32% 30% 2% 0% 100%
5 The books prescribed/listed as reference materials are relevant, updated and appropriate. Labs are better equipped 26% 47% 23% 2% 2% 100%
6 Performance of the teachers in the classroom and methods of teaching used in the classrooms 38% 32% 28% 2% 0% 100%
7 Use of ICT in the classroom 38% 32% 26% 4% 0% 100%
8 Tests and examinations were conducted well in time with proper coverage of all units in the syllabus 30% 44% 24% 2% 0% 100%
9 Research facilities in the college 30% 30% 36% 4% 0% 100%
10 Extension activities conducted 38% 32% 25% 5% 0% 100%
11 Infrastructure and learning resources 36% 34% 25% 5% 0% 100%
12 Sports and cultural facilities 46% 34% 20% 5% 0% 100%
13 Activities conducted by the career counseling cell and center for entry in services 40% 34% 24% 2% 0% 100%
14 e-governance facilities 42% 28% 26% 4% 0% 100%
15 Student welfare facilities 45% 34% 16% 5% 0% 100%
16 Students representation on various committees 36% 34% 25% 5% 0% 100%
17 Programs on gender sensitization 40% 36% 22% 2% 0% 100%
18 Programs on environmental consciousness 42% 30% 26% 2% 0% 100%
19 Hand book for code of conduct 40% 40% 19% 1% 0% 100%
20 Programs on human rights, universal values and ethics 48% 30% 18% 2% 0% 100%
21 Best practices in the college 44% 36% 19% 1% 0% 100%



  1. Library resources should be increased.
  2. ICT-enabled teaching should be strengthened.
  3. Curricular and Extra-Curricular activities should be strengthened.
  4. More sports and games activities should be conducted.
  5. Infrastructural facilities should be increased.
  6. Cultural facilities should be strengthened.
  7. Research facilities should be increased.
  8. Evaluation method should be strengthened.
  9. E-governance facilities should be strengthened.


  1. Library resources have been increased.
  2. College has set ups five ICT-enabled classrooms. Teachers of the respective department use ICT tools and techniques for teaching.
  3. The Curricular and Extra-Curricular activities such as debate, elocution, seminar, group discussion, study tour, industry visit, quizzes, interview sessions, personality development camps, guidance sessions on competitive examinations, guests lectures, workshops, etc are conducted.
  4. The college has developed Sports Culture by organizing various activities and offered incentives to the students for sports activities such as special sports kit, sports materials, diet, certificate of appreciation and mementos. It upgraded sports facilities in the college.
  5. Infrastructural facilities such as girl’s common room, boys common room, ICT enabled room, Language lab are renovated.
  6. The college has provided various cultural facilities such as multi-purpose hall, musical instruments, and offered incentives such as certificates of appreciation and mementos to the students and organized various cultural events.
  7. The college is recognized as a center for higher learning and research in the subjects such as English, Sociology, Pali and Economics. Started center for higher learning and research in the subjects such as Marathi and History. Sent proposal to start research center in Ambedkar Thought. Facilities such as inflibnet, network resource center, reading room and library facilities are provided to the students.
  8. The college has Home Examination Committee which conducts two unit tests and one test examination in each semester as per the pattern of affiliating university. In addition to unit test and test examinations, class tests, surprise tests, monthly test, quiz, essay writing competitions are conducted by the teachers. A talk on how to prepare for University Examination is also a distinct feature. Seminars, presentations, viva-voce, practicals and assignments are conducted as per the university schedule. The parameters of on internal assessment are notified to the students. The institution adopts formative evaluation of the students through various measures such as Attendance in class, Assignments, Group disunions, Debates and Elocutions, Projects, Extra- Curricular and Co-Curricular activities. The institution does Summative Evaluation through unit tests, and practical, and test examinations at the end of each semester through written exams, practical exams and viva- voce.
  1. E-governance has been implemented in admission process, staffing information, academic information, administration, account and finance, examination and result, attendance, and college website.



Remarks by the Principal:


The analysis report of student’s satisfaction survey was taken on A to E scale evinces that the SSS has been rated as excellent, very good, and good by the majority of the students. The report is circulated among the members of IQAC and the head of each department and placed before the LMC for necessary action.



Dr. D. B. Fulzele                                                 Dr. Azizul Haque

IQAC Co-ordinator                                                       Principal