At the beginning of every academic year, the Admission committee is formed to finalise the admissions to various courses available in the college. The admission committee formed for the session 2018-2019 only is given below with the objectives for which it is formed.

The admission committee comprises 

  1. Dr. R.P. Kamble                   Chairman
  2. Dr. J.M.Meshram                 Member
  3. Prof.D.M.Kamble                 Member
  4. Prof.R.M.Kose                     Member
  5. Dr. R.M.Meshram                Member
  6. Prof. L.H.Nandeshwar         Member
  7. Prof.Ku.B.M.Dange             Member
  8. Prof.D.B.Fulzele                  Member
  9. Dr.O.P.Aneja                        Member
  10. Prof.T.B.Awatale                  Member
  11. Prof.Sou.S. R.Kamble         Member
  12. Prof. V.T.Gumfawar             Member
  13. Prof.I.U.Sheikh                    Member

The above committee has been formed to take all necessary action regarding admission both at the Senior and Post Graduate college. The main purpose behind the formation of the committee is to take into consideration the concerned circulars received from time to time from the Govt./ the case may be while giving admissions to various courses/classes/ subjects available in the college.

The committee is therefore empowered to see that all the students be given admission on the basis of the academic record. The admission is finalised in view of the intake capacity in the class concerned. The list of all eligible candidates again be then displayed on the notice board and the date for admission be fixed and admissions are finalized accordingly.

The main objective of the committee is to see that reservation policy to S.C./S.T. and weaker section be implemented as per Govt. circular. Special weightage be given to lady students/Handicapped and also to the students residing in the adjoining area. The committee should also see that no students what so ever remain deprived of admission to the courses they desire, of course, with the due permission of the University as the case may be.