Research and Recommendation Committee


The college has a Research committee to monitor and address the issues of research. The major recommendations of the Research committee are mentioned below :

  1. To promote faculty participation in Research
  2. To encourage the faculty to undertake research projects
  3. To motivate the faculty with Ph. D. degree for registration as Research Guide
  4. To motivate the faculty without Ph. D. degree to submit a synopsis to the university
  5. To assist in preparing proposals for seminar, conference, and workshop
  6. To encourage the faculty to publish research papers in UGC approved Journals with high impact factors
  7. To motivate the faculty to become a member of National Academic Bodies and Research Agencies


Members of the Committee

  1. Azizul Haque           Chairperson
  2. R. P. Kamble           Coordinate
  3. J. M. Meshram        Member
  4. R. M. Meshram       Member
  5. O. P. Aneja             Member
  6. D. B. Fulzele          Member

The Centre For Higher Learning and Research

The College has UGC recognized centre for Higher Learning and Research in the subjects such as English, Sociology, Economics and Pali. The centre organizes various activities and programs for Ph.D. and M.Phil. scholars. It has conducted pre- Ph.D. submission viva of Ph.D. scholars. The following research scholars pursuing their Ph.D. and M.Phil. degree from the centreD. Students

Ph.D. Students

MPhil Students

Year No. of M. Phil (English) Students No. of M. Phil (Sociology) Students
2014 – 2015 13 16
2015 – 2016 30 24
2016 – 2017 20 10
2017 – 2018 30 17


Member of the Committee

  1. Azizul Haque                     Chairperson
  2. R. P. Kamble                     Coordinator