Social Science Association

              The subjects taught in the college such as sociology, History, Political Science, Economics,  Ambedkar Thoughts etc. are the part of social sciences. These subjects have a great importance in the competitive examination and social point of view. These subjects are interconnected with each other the social science Association organizes Various programmes and activities such as seminars, group discussion, debate, elocution essay competition, poster competition, etc.

The Objectives of the Social Sciences Association

  1. To make student social oriented
  2. To make student Ideal citizen
  3. To develop a sense of Social Responsibility
  4. To orient student about the competitive examination
  5. To sensitize student about social problems and issues and to help them to solve the problems

Members of the Committee

  1. Azizul Haque              Chairperson
  2. R. P. Kamble              Coordinate
  3. R. M. Meshram          Member
  4. D. M. Kamble             Member
  5. L. H. Nandeshwar      Member
  6. S. R. Kamble             Member
  7. Seemtai Shende       Member