Nature Club


The Nature Club of the college organizes various programs and activities regarding Environmental postelection water conservation and Harvesting Plastic Free comps, Tree plantation etc. 200 Volunteers of the nature club arranges rallies on Tree plantation Drive organize water conservation and Harvesting campaign and conduct environmental awareness programs in Bramhapuri and its adjoin areas.



  1. To create awareness regarding environmental degradation
  2. To make campus eco-friendly
  3. To orient Rural society about water conservation and water Harvesting
  4. To create awareness about the importance of Tree plantation


Members of the Committee

  1. Azizul Haque                Chairperson
  2. R. P. Kamble                Coordinate
  3. D. B. Fulzele                Member
  4. Supriya Bhimate           Member
  5. Pradnyanand Mate      Member
  6. Sonu Sahare               Member