Women study center


The college has a women study center, the center is working under Adult Education and Extension department of the Gondwana University, Gadchiroli. it organizes various program such as seminars, workshops, training programs, debate, essay completion, one act play ,rangoli completion for the all round development of the students, as per University norms there is a provision of incentive marks for students undertaking projects assigned by women study center.


  1. Population awareness programs
  2. Gender Sensitization
  3. Health Awareness programs
  4. AIDS Awareness Programs
  5. Environment Awareness programs
  6. Physical Awareness programs
  7. Programs related to women empowerment
  8. Community service
  9. Competitions
  10. Personality development programs


  1. To create leadership qualities among students
  2. To provide a platform for women empowerment
  3. To study the problems of women and to made efforts to solve their problems
  4. To orient students about employment
  5. To create awareness regarding health & education of women in the society

Members of the Committee

  1. Dr. Azizul Haque                     Chairperson
  2. Prof. B. M. Dange                   Co-Ordinator
  3. Dr. R. M. Meshram                 Member
  4. Prof. L. H. Nandeshwar         Member
  5. Ku. Nilima Nimgade              Member
  6. Ku. Roshani Bakda                 Member
  7. Ku. Vaishnavi Junghare        Member
  8. Prof. S . R. Kamble                Member
  9. Dr. Rajesh Kamble                Member
  10. Dr. Premlal Meshram          Member
  11. Shree. Netaji Meshram       Member
  12. Adv. Nanda Fule                   Member
  13. Shree. Pramod Motghare   Member
  14. Dr. Megha Ramteke             Member