Gender Violation Committee

Objectives and functions of the committee.

The Gender Violation Committee has been formed from the session 2017-2018 to safeguard the interest of girl students in the college. There has been the feeling that women had been subjugated to harsh cruelties in every walk of life whether it was home or firm or establishment, they had been made docile and meek and as such, they have lost their identity. But now the thing has changed considerably. They have occupied high positions in life. Even then they are being exploited everywhere. It is in order in on sure that such things should not happen in the college that the committee has been formed.

The purpose of the committee is

  1. To provide equal opportunity to girl students at par with boys.
  2. To enable girls to lodge complaints against gender violation.
  3. To hear the complaints of girl students and give justice to them.
  4. To make the college campus free from injustice to the girls.

The committee will display the notice for the information of all concerned. It will inform the girl students to come forward to submit their grievance regarding harassment, gender violation, tortures of other injustice. After grievances are lodged with the committee by any girl student, the committee shall of together and take the decision within 15 days. The decision thus taken will be conveyed to the students concerned and necessary action will be taken by the college. The action of the college will depend upon the nature of the grievances and it may be in the form of warning with strict instruction or expulsion of the student concerned from the college if he is found guilty of gender violation.

The gender violation committee consists of the following members.

  1. Azizul Haque                               Chairman
  2. B.M Dange                                  Co- ordinature
  3. S.R. Kamble                                Member
  4. S.N. Shingade                              Member
  5. S.Y. Ramteke                               Member
  6. Harshali Shingade                       Member
  7. Roshani Bakada                         Member
  8. Kajal Uke                                  Member
  9. S.S.Kawale                                 Member
  10. Arun Mate                                  Member
  11. Raghunath Kadke (A.P.S)            Member

The duration of the members of the committee will not be more than five years.