Under the N.S.S department of Gondwana University, Gadchiroli, the college has a unit of 150 students with two teachers nominated as a programme officer. The students who are really interested in social services are selected by the N.S.S programmer officer with the permission of the Principal. It is to be noted that there is a provision of incentive marks for students who participate in the N.S.S as per the university norms. The Activities of the NSS unit are designed and executed in accordance with the current problems faced by the villagers in particular and society in general.

The Motto of NSS – �Not Me But You�


The N.S.S. Unit of the college has two programme officer.

  1. Lokeshkumar H. Nandeshwar
  2. Tufan B. Awatade

The N.S.S. Unit has  150 students as per sanction of the Deptt. Of N.S.S. Gondwana University Gadchiroli.

The College has N.S.S. advisory committee consists the following members.

  1. Azizul Haque                                Chairperson
  2. Prof .D.M. Kamble                       Member
  3. R.P. Kamble                                 Member
  4. Sau. S.R. Kamble                        Member
  5. O.P. Aneja                                    Member
  6. Shri A. S. Deshpande                 Non-teaching Member
  7. T.B. Awatade                              Programme officer
  8. Shri Avish Ruikar                       Students Member
  9. L.H. Nandeshwar                       Chief programme officer

Aims and objectives of N.S.S.

  1. To make the students discipline in every walk of life.
  2. To make the students aware of their moral duties towards society and nation.
  3. To create awareness amongst students.
  4. To create public awareness.
  5. To work of the abolition of evil customs in the society.
  6. To keep society away from blind beliefs and superstitions.
  7. To create awareness amongst students about their responsibilities towards society and the nation.
  8. To create a national feeling.
  9. To guide the people in villages to solve their problems.
  10. To become one with villages life.
  11. To undertake the programmes like tree plantation to maintain balance in the environment.
  12. To create awareness in rural areas about water conservation.
  13. To create awareness amongst villagers about family planning
  14. To create awareness in rural areas about literacy.

Incentive Marks Scheme (Sr.College)

  • Participation in regular NSS programme (Minimum 120 hours in 3 years) : 3 Marks
  • Participation in NSS camp (7 days Camp at College level ) : 7 Marks
  • Participation in University or State or National Level Camp : 10 Marks