Building infrastructure
The college has constituted building and maintenance committee for supervision. The committee has the right to diagnose and give suggestions for developing and maintaining of infrastructure. Accordingly, the college makes appropriate provisions in the budget.

The college management and the principal after the discussion with committee, implements the suggestions about the maintenance of infrastructure.

Construction, repair and maintenance of the buildings and physical infrastructure like classrooms, sports complex, water, power supply and gas are looked after by this committee.

All minor faults are attended and repaired by hired technicians, carpenters etc.

The college has a generator system for uninterrupted power supply.

Maintenance of toilets and washrooms is done through daily wages sweeper.
The college takes the helps of technicians of MSEB, Nagar Parishad and BSNL office.

Computer & IT infrastructure

Maintenance and upgradation of Computer & IT infrastructure is done by hiring technicians.

Laboratory Equipment’s/ Machineries
Gas connection pipe line is checked regularly for any leakage by staff from local gas agencies or by any able technician.
Stock register is maintained in the laboratory including a list of chemicals, glassware and any other instruments used in the laboratory.

The laboratory equipment is maintained at the departmental level by the staff or through hired technicians whenever necessary.

Furniture’s/ related items
The members of Building and maintenance committee look after the maintenance and repair work of
furniture and fixtures and other physical infrastructure. He brings into the notice of the authority about the
needs of repair work and certifies after the work has been completed.