Literary Association

The college has literary association. The subjects taught in the college such as English, Pali and Marathi languages as well as literatures are the part of literary association. The literary association organizes various programmes and activities such as Seminar, Group discussion, Debate, Speech competition, Essay competition, Poster competition ect.

The objectives of literary association

  • To develop critical and creative thinking of students.
  • To inculcate human values among students.
  • To orient students about competitive examination.
  • To develop aesthetic sense among students.
  • To sensitize student about contemporary social problems and issues.

The members of the committee :

  1. Azizul Haque Chairperson
  2. J.M.Meshram Member
  3. R.M.Kose Member
  4. D.B.Fulzele Member
  5. T.B.Awatale Member
  6. Sameer Chaudhari Member
  7. Ku.B.M.Dange Coordinator