Library Services:-

  1. Reading Room Facility
  2. Lending Of Documents
  3. Newspaper Clipping Service
  4. Reprography Service
  5. Reference Service
  6. Students Aid Service
  7. Display Of Information
  8. Internet access – 6 terminals are currently made available to staff and students.
  9. User Awareness Programmes

1 – Reading Room Facility:

  • Our library at the following counters extends this facility.
  • News Paper Reading.
  • Periodicals and Journals Reading
  • Textbook Reading

2 – Lending of Documents: :

  • Open Access to all students and for teaching and non-teaching staff.
  • Each student can issue two books at a time for a week.
  • Teaching and non-teaching staff can issue ten books for one academic session.
  • At the end of the session, library clearance is compulsory for all categories.
  • Weaker sections are provided with an additional book.
  • On average 90-100 books are issued daily

3 – Newspaper Clipping Service :

The records of the Newspaper clippings describing events in the college, as well as news related to the college, are maintained.

4 – Reprography Services Clipping Service :

This facility is provided on demand to students and staff.

 5 – Reference Service :

The Library maintains a separate reference collection consisting of encyclopedias, dictionaries, directories, handbooks, technical data, almanacs, atlases, bibliographies, CD -ROMs, Audio, and Videocassettes, etc. Students consult the librarian for reference queries.

6 – Students Aid Service :

The library helps students with the preparation for competitive examinations. Books for Competitive exams are purchased specially for students. Students participating in intercollege Quiz, Essay, Debate Elocution, etc are provided with sufficient works

Question papers of university exams, university syllabus are also available for reference

7 – Display of Information :

The library displays Employment News, many notices, other useful information for students. Library also organizes book exhibitions.

8 – Special Service – Book Deposit Scheme:

Books are issued to students for university examinations during summer vacations, on a full deposit basis.

9 -. Users Awareness Programmes :

The library takes an active part in the orientation program organized by the Institute for the benefit of new students at the beginning of the academic year. They are taken around the library to familiarize themselves with various resources and services available for them. Training sessions are also organized whenever a new product or service is introduced. Any user desiring to know more about library resources and services or to learn how to use a particular resource like OPAC, e-journals, databases, etc. should contact Incharge, Reference service. Library also organizes training, workshops, and conferences, etc. for library and information professionals in the Country to help them update their knowledge and skills.